Saturday, June 2, 2012

Where are all the boats ??

Well so much for today being the best day of the weekend. We woke to light drizzle and it stayed with us for the majority of the day. We were up and about quite early and had done with breakfast and preparing dinner in the slow cooker by 9am. The run down to Marston Junction was pleasant and we were sorry to be leaving the Ashby, but we will return before too long we hope. 
There was a real lack of boats moving today, possibly due the poor forecast for the days ahead. We both did quite a bit of walking this afternoon to keep warm and exercise Jasper. Not a single boat passed us between Nuneaton and Atherstone, we began to wonder if there was a problem ahead at the Atherstone flight.
Kestrel & Northolt at Atherstone
However, when we arrived we were greeted with FMC boat Kestrel and butty Northolt (previously named Sunny Valley) negotiating the top lock. Northolt dates from 1898 and has just been re-painted and was being bow hauled into the top lock whilst Kestrel waited to pull her out. It was lovely to see them as they headed off towards Stoke Bruene festival. 
We then proceeded down the flight with the weather a little brighter and moored just below lock 9 for the night, thoroughly enjoying our previously prepared dinner.

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