Sunday, June 3, 2012

The good old British weather.

Exactly a week ago we were moored up in Polesworth in glorious sunshine. Today we have again moored there and seen nothing but rain
An early sighting this morning was of our neighbours at Kings Bromley, Reg & Trudy on nb Greylag. They are making a temporary move to Trinity Marina for a month or so to assist with travelling for Trudy. They passed us in the pouring rain ascending Atherstone locks at about 8.15am. Far too early for us I'm afraid, especially on a Sunday. 
We finally made a move about 11am, only because we needed to do a few miles to help with getting back to base. The rain and wind were not pleasant, but after a couple of hours we arrived in Polesworth and were lucky to get the only available spot as another boat was just leaving. 
We got the heating on and settled down with a glass of wine to watch the Jubilee Pageant which was a fabulous spectacle despite the corresponding weather in London. It was good to see the 40 or so narrowboats within the masses of boats, but would have preferred to have seen more of them. The whole event showed why Britain is great. 
Unfortunately the weather seems to be having an adverse effect on the Crick Boat Show too with reports of tiny crowds. Let's hope it picks up for everyone tomorrow.

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