Thursday, June 28, 2012

Out & about

Well what a day weather wise. Torrential rain for most of the day and as I type this, the sun is trying to break through. Gladly, our trip which we are due to commence on Saturday doesn't take in any rivers. Again work has taken me out and about today and the flood lock at Sawley is closed and I would guess the river levels will rise quickly overnight. You have to feel for those looking forward to their boating holiday who may be affected.

I also went past the new Staveley Basin today (which I do quite regularly) and they were busy preparing for this weekends festival with two narrowboats on the back of lorries ready to be craned in. Unfortunately we will be cruising, but it looks like a nice little local festival for another year. 

Unfortunately the camera on my phone is useless at present as the phone won't recognise the fact that there is an SD card in it, even though it has been in there from the very beginning, so no pictures I'm afraid. 

One more shift to go and then we'll be off - can't wait.

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