Sunday, June 10, 2012

Great weekend - We're still standing !!

Yesterday saw us travel to Chesterfield with a group of friends to attend another long awaited concert... this time by Elton John. We have been waiting for almost 9 months for this to come around, and after the success of Coldplay recently, the old man needed to be in fine form. Louise and I have seen him many times over the last few years and with Louise being in the 'fan club' we are lucky to be able to acquire seats front and centre and close to the stage. We were also lucky to get tickets for our 9 friends near to the front and not too far away from us, so anticipation was high. 
Great day with great friends
We had a great time before the concert lubricating our vocal chords and joined the packed crowds inside the ground around 7pm. The support act of '2 Cellos' were impressive and I never imagined listening to ACDC's 'Highway to Hell' being performed on such instruments, but it really worked. They were a cracking support act - but then Elton has a habit of finding them as we have seen James Blunt and The Scissor Sisters supporting him in the past before they became well known. Watch out for these lads.
The main event didn't disappoint. Elton & the band rocked the night away as true professionals, getting the crowd going and singing along to many of the old favourites, whilst adding the odd lesser known album tracks, including the wonderful track 'Levon' which we have never seen him play live. We danced in the aisles only a few feet from the stage and by the time the encore of 'Your Song' finished the night off, we left the stadium having had a wonderful day which we will remember for some time.
'Your Song'
This morning we were still buzzing from the night before and decided to take Jasper out for and walk and take in breakfast at Stenson Lock coffee shop - a little Sunday morning treat we have now and again. The weather was lovely and there were plenty of boats moored up at Willington as we began the walk. We stopped off and chatted to a couple on nb Renown who were moored just above Stenson and Jasper had the delight of meeting their two laid back Great Danes. I'm not sure who was more confused - Jasper getting to grips with their size, or them getting to grips with the fact that he took it on himself to board their tug deck and make himself at home.
Will I be this big one day Dad ??

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