Friday, June 1, 2012

Getting in the festive mood

We spent a lovely evening up at the terminus at Snarestone last night. We had a visit from Jim & Claire who eventually managed to locate us. Jim is a work friend of John and we spent a couple of hours chatting, laughing and drinking on Blue Moon. We then walked back to the village with them and the lure of The Globe proved too much. For such a small village it was lovely to see that the pub was the heartbeat of the community. We were all made very welcome, especially Jasper !!
This morning we didn't rush to surface and could quite happily have stayed put. We planned to have breakfast and then get into the Diamond Jubilee spirit by dressing the boat with bunting. We were about to put the pan on, when we had a phone call from David to say that they were moving up to Market Bosworth and would we like to join them for lunch..........of course we would. The bacon was put back in the fridge and we made do with a slice of toast and then put up the decorations before enjoying a trip down to Market Bosworth.
The flags are out at Snarestone
We walked up into town and decided on Ye Olde Red Lion, which happened to be serving Marstons 'Diamond Jubilee' Pedigree !! Well, we must get  into the spirit and all that. We had a lovely lunch and chat with David & Sarah before we said our goodbyes and left them to do some shopping, very envious that they will be out for another 4 months, but we hope to catch up with them again on their travels later this year.
We headed off from Market Bosworth, getting many positive comments about the flags - people generally seem to be in the mood for the holiday weekend, and why not. None of us reading this will see another Diamond Jubilee so let's make the most if it !!!
We decided to moor for the night at Stoke Golding intending to make an early start tomorrow, as the forecast beyond then is not good.

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