Sunday, May 13, 2012

What's in a name ??

When we first bought our boat, we never really gave any thought to the effects that the name may have. I am a rugby man at heart, but, as a keen sportsman, I still follow football and today was always going to be an exciting end to the Premiership season. Normally, I wouldn't really be too worried who won, but today I have to say I had a bit of an interest. 
Firstly, I had got a small wager with a friend of mine who is a Man Utd fan, so there was money to be won. In fact our bet earlier in the season when Man City won 6-1 at Old Trafford, has kept me more interested in the season than maybe I would have been otherwise.
Secondly, I have become a follower of Man City (you notice follower and not supporter) because the number of people who have asked us as we cruise along as to whether we are Man City supporters due to the name of our boat has been alarming to say the least. It has become a very regular occurrence.
So when City grabbed victory from the jaws of defeat this afternoon I was more than happy. Well done City, but we are fully intending to change the name of the boat in time - but that's for the future.

This evening we went a walk along our local stretch of canal at Willington, still smiling about the dramatic end to the football. We had to have a chuckle at the 'advertisement' on the front of a widebeam boat 'Old Speckled Hen'. Louise was going to knock and enquire about an 'interview' but the 'dig worms' put her off !! We wondered if there is anyone out there to fit the criteria ??

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