Saturday, May 12, 2012

At last....... some sunshine

Looking a bit smarter now
At last a pleasant weekend weather wise and we had a trip down to Kings Bromley today hoping to get some jobs done. We have been wanting to gloss the gunwales for some time, but the recent weather has thwarted our efforts. If there is one negative about Aqualine boats, it has to be the fact that the gunwales were skimmed with a filler type substance to make them perfectly smooth. This is great until they get bumped and scraped and then you end up with white scuff marks which look awful.

I had prepared them as best as possible over the last few weeks and undercoated, but at last today we managed to get two coats of gloss on as it dried really quickly in the warm sunshine and I have to say we are really happy with the result. Good teamwork with me applying with a small roller and Louise following along behind with a brush to get a good smooth finish. Just hope we can keep it looking good now over the next few trips.
A walk around the marina between coats, allowing Jasper to socialize with both people and dogs, we came across swans and 5 very fluffy cygnets......what a lovely sight.

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