Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Meeting a legend - Sir Garry Sobers

Not a boating post today, but one I had to make for a keepsake. As I mentioned in a post not so long ago, I am a sports fan. I've tried most sports in my time and even though I say so myself, am pretty reasonable at most things I have a go at. One sport I wish I had more time to play in the past is cricket. I was a decent bowler in my youth, but having left school, it was a sport I put on the back burner and have really never played much of since, apart from socially with a works team a number of years ago. 

Both our sons have had alot of enjoyment from the game, and tonight our youngest son Luke had a cup game against bitter rivals Mickleover CC. To add to the occasion it was his 17th birthday, so Louise and I decided to make the most of the weather and go and support, which involved sitting in the sun (yes sun) with a glass of beer / wine. Unfortunately Quarndon lost the game to an impressive batting display by Mickleover, but imagine my delight when who should turn up to the club but the one and only Sir Garfield Sobers !!

It is not the first time he has visited the club, but he had been playing golf nearby and dropped by as part of a sponsorship deal. Amazingly, the kids weren't that interested, but a legend of the game he will always be, and I managed to grab a quick photo opportunity with him - a photo I shall cherish !!

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