Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Coldplay......and a bit of boating thrown in.

The morning after the night before.....and we're still buzzing. 
Yesterday saw us travel from Hartshill to Hawkesbury, a reasonably uneventful journey. Nuneaton is not our favourite town to cruise through, but it didn't seem as full of litter as in the past. We had a slight coming together with a hire boat at Marston Junction. The steerer was so intent on reading his map, he forgot the job in hand, but no harm done. 
Hawkesbury Junction - the bridge was made in Derby !!
At Hawkesbury we had a chance meeting with our friends David & Sarah on their new boat 'The Hodma'dod'. They had just negotiated Hawkesbury Junction as we approached it and it seemed to take a while for the penny to drop with them as to why two ''strangers' on a vaguely familiar boat were waving frantically at them. We bought Blue Moon from them last year and have kept in touch since. We had arranged to meet up on the Ashby later this week, but there's no time like the present, so we enjoyed lunch sat outside The Greyhound in the sunshine. 
There was a shortage of moorings in the area, so we hopped into their spot as they headed off onto the Ashby and we will meet them later this week for a tour of 'Hoddie'
Louise outside the Ricoh
So, onto the main event of the week - Coldplay in concert at the Ricoh Arena. Quite simply an awesome experience. We've done a few gigs and concerts in our time, but this, for me anyway, topped the lot. The stage set, lighting (aided by the use of the fabulous 'xyloband' wristbands), crowd and oh, not forgetting the music, were incredible. An absolute must for any music fan. I've 'borrowed' the video below because, quite simply, it's better than the ones I took.

So today we say goodbye to Liam who is heading back off to university and we are heading off up the Ashby, still buzzing.

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