Monday, May 28, 2012

Polesworth to Hartshill

The sun is still shining but the traffic is much lighter today. We were in no rush to get away this morning as we wanted to get to Atherstone for midday as we were expecting an extra crewman to join us today.
We had a pleasant cruise to the bottom of the Atherstone flight and, as the water was with us, decided to go up the first couple of locks. We could see a boat waiting above lock 10 as it was empty and as we entered the bottom lock, another boat pulled in behind us to wait. The chap from the boat above lock 10 had already opened the bottom gates for us, so having filled and then exited the bottom lock, Louise then went to shut the top gate as I went to go straight into lock 10. Before she had even started to close it, a member of crew from the boat behind opened the bottom paddles to empty the lock resulting in the top gate slamming shut very hard and leaving Louise grasping fresh air.....and not a hint of an apology !!
It is so frustrating that some boaters don't seem capable of looking after the equipment and infrastructure that we all have to use - but will no doubt be the first to moan when it's broken.
We had a short coffee break above lock 10 and then continued on into Atherstone. Our eldest son Liam is home from Cardiff University for a few days, so he had caught the train from Derby and met us just below lock 5 and was a welcome pair of extra hands for the remainder of the flight.
We are now moored at Hartshill Yard and have enjoyed a pleasant evening chatting and drinking whilst sat outside in the sun. This time tomorrow we will be watching Coldplay....can't wait !!
Hartshill Wharf

A lovely summer evening

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