Sunday, March 23, 2014

A weekend busy doing..........very little

Well this weekend we were supposed to be looking forward to seeing Paul Carrack in concert at Derby Assembly Rooms, but due to a recent large fire the performance was cancelled and has been rescheduled for July, so as we were at a bit of a loose end we headed off down to Blue Moon for a lazy weekend.

We dodged the showers to leave the marina, keeping one ear on the events taking place at the iPro Stadium as Derby County were playing demolishing Nottingham Forest 5-0. How I am going to enjoy work on Monday morning !! 

We made the quick hop down to Ravenshaw Wood and moored up in our favourite spot and spent the rest of the afternoon doing odd jobs around the boat, listening to music and just generally being lazy. Jasper kept an eye on things and welcomed all passers by. 
Ravenshaw Wood
Keeping watch
It's hard to believe that this view from our galley window is the route for the blasted HS2 train line which is ear marked to cut a swathe through this lovely stretch of countryside. We just hope and pray it never happens.

This morning I took Jasper for a walk before breakfast and was surprised to see what I initially thought was a pile of rubbish left on the towpath. As we got closer it was apparent that it was actually someone asleep. Not what you expect to find on an early morning walk and Jasper couldn't quite work out why I put him on his lead as we passed, but I'm sure the chap wouldn't have thanked him for  waking him up with a big lick. 

We had a quick run down to Fradley late morning and turned outside The Swan. I bet the owners of this boat were happy after the football yesterday too. 

We spent the afternoon back at Ravenshaw Wood before reluctantly heading home. We'd not been far, but the batteries, both ours and on the boat, have had a bit of a re-charge.

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  1. I came across 'man in sleeping bag' in a bridge hole when I walked that stretch on Thursday. I also thought it was a pile of rubbish and put the dogs on leads when I realised it was not...I was more afraid that Fletcher and Floyd would cock a leg which certainly have been less agreeable than a Jasper lick!