Thursday, March 20, 2014

A midweek bloggers meet up.

We enjoy reading our boating blogs each day to catch up on where everyone is and what they've been up to out on the cut and it's a great way to keep in touch with friends. So when Lesley & Joe on nb Yarwood were seen to be heading in our general direction, we kept tabs on them and got in touch to arrange a meet at 'The Mucky Duck' at Fradley last night.

Of course we both had to finish work before we could set off to meet them, but we managed to arrive just after 6pm to find them comfortably ensconced in the bar with a pint. We have been reading a bit of negativity about The Swan recently on a popular forum, but as is always the case for us, we had a decent meal and a decent pint in nice 'boaty' surroundings, and until we experience anything different, we shall continue to give them our trade. Ok, you wouldn't choose it for a romantic meal or a notable event, but as far as a traditional canal side pub goes, it definitely ticks all the boxes.

Jasper enjoyed meeting Lesley & Joe too and was impressed to be introduced to the delicacy of pork scratchings by Lesley. He'll be ordering a pint of Pedigree next......

After our meal we headed back to Yarwood to see the evening out. Jasper got to know Fletcher and Floyd, their two black labs, whilst we had a lovely tour of Yarwood. Lesley & Joe certainly put much thought into the layout and functions of their fabulous boat and as a liveaboard it has everything you could ever want. It certainly started ideas spinning in our heads and gave us things to think about for the future. We had a lovely evening with lovely people which, again, is all down to the power of 'blogging'.

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