Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Releasing the shackles for a lovely weekend

Trusting the weather forecast, we decided to blow the cobwebs off Blue Moon this weekend and head off out of the marina for a mini cruise. The weather certainly didn't disappoint, especially on Sunday, which was absolutely glorious.

John had contacted our friends Paul and Jane during the week who moor with us at Kings Bromley to see if they fancied joining us with their boat 'Lady Melissa' and travel up to Great Haywood in convoy. They bought their boat last September, but since bringing her back to Kings Bromley hadn't managed to get out, so they jumped at the chance and we had a plan.

We left the marina on Saturday morning but then it dawned that there was a scheduled stoppage up at Colwich Lock, which was actually due to finish that day. So would it be open or wouldn't it ? Fortunately our fears were soon quelled as an oncoming boat confirmed that the lock had opened on Friday afternoon, and so we pressed on past the Armitage Shanks factory and through Plum Pudding Cutting to Rugeley. 
Armitage Shanks factory
Lady Melissa through Plum Pudding Cutting
Despite the good weather, there were very few boats out and about and this meant that there were no queues at the usual bottleneck at Colwich Lock - our first lock of 2014. Louise helped Paul and Jane through the lock as John headed off up to Shugborough and was amazed to find the entire length overlooking the hall to be totally boat free. I doubt we will ever see that again as you can't normally stick a pin in it. We decided to go up through Great Haywood Lock and turn at the junction before mooring up for the night back overlooking Shugborough Hall.

Having enjoyed a nice meal and drinks in The Clifford Arms, we all retired to Blue Moon to put the world to rights over a bottle (or two) of wine before bed. How we have missed this boating life over the winter !!

We were in no great rush to head back to Kings Bromley on Sunday. John went off for an early morning three mile run before breakfast (obviously guilty about how much he'd had to drink the night before). He is in training for a charity 10k run in four weeks time in memory of his parents, so needs to keep up the training !!

We had a lovely trip back to Kings Bromley in sunshine and it brought the best out in everyone. Smiling faces, everyone relaxed and enjoying the weather. Even Jasper was taking it steady, as was the buzzard in this waterside garden.
Jasper - 'Just Chillin'
Soaking up the sun
And to end a perfect weekend, England triumphed over Wales in the Six Nations rugby. What more could you ask for ??

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