Thursday, July 10, 2014

Lazy days on the Ashby.

Gosh where does the time go. I've been chastised tonight for not keeping up to date. Well the week so far has been fabulous. Good weather, good boating and good fun. 

Monday we headed into Rugby so that we could visit Mr Tesco and stock up on provisions (and alcohol). Hillmorton Locks were quiet and the lockie helped us down all three locks. Nice chap but VERY LOUD. The moorings in Rugby were full both sides so we had a bit of a walk, but were soon back and away again. Lots of boats on the move and we finally picked a spot approaching Ansty for the night close to the railway line but we never heard a thing after lights out. 

Tuesday we headed off towards Hawkesbury. I managed to re-stock on maggots from the fishing shop at bridge 4 - really handy and a well stocked shop if you're that way inclined and we negotiated the junction at Hawkesbury easily enough.
Hawkesbury Junction - easy when there's no wind. 
After watering up using the slowest tap known to man, we headed off to Marston Junction passing the old Navigation pub which is now a fantastic residence and the lovely lousy Charity Dock before turning onto the lovely Ashby Canal.
Very nice !!
Charity Dock !! 
Well it's available if you can find it.......
Nice to see that CART were repairing the flag stones around the junction which have been damaged over the years by boats making the difficult turn onto the Ashby. I wonder how long they will last. We really do love it up here. 22 lock free miles and almost entirely rural. We ended up at Stoke Golding for the night in a lovely spot and watched the most bizarre World Cup semi final between Brazil and Germany which of course the Germans won 7-1. 

Wednesday we had arranged to meet Louise's Mum and cousin Paul at Sutton Wharf so that they could come out with us for the day. They duly arrived on time and off we set towards Market Bosworth. Paul has steered before and did a good job in quite a strong and sometimes challenging wind whilst Louise entertained her Mum inside. We seemed to keep meeting boats at bridge 'oles and  we have never seen so many boats on this stretch of canal, both moving and moored. We winded at Market Bosworth and had a good look at the new marina being built there which is watered and well on the way to being completed. It did cross my mind though that seeing the canal this busy and the marina to house 150 boats just what impact this will have. I suppose we will just have to wait and see.
New marina entrance
On the return we stopped off at the Battlefield mooring for lunch before returning to Sutton Wharf which was busy with folks. We were treated to coffee and cake and ice creams before saying our goodbyes and then headed off south and eventually moored at Burton Hastings for the night and watched the other semi final between Netherlands and Argentina. What a dull affair in comparison. 
Sutton Cheney Wharf coffee shop
Cruising on the Ashby
Our short trip onto the Ashby was all too brief this time around, but of course we will be back sooner rather than later. 

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