Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Bowled over to be back aboard.

Well we're back in 'Blogland' and back on the water after what seems far too long. We've been busy over the last few weeks,but not boating, and the blog has fallen by the wayside a little, but until they invent more hours in the day, something will have to give.

We've actually been out since last Saturday and have made our way from Kings Bromley and are now moored at Barrow on Soar where we were fortunate to drop onto the last available spot for the night.

Louise has been a bit of a 'bowls widow' so far this trip.....let me explain. The game of Crown Green Bowls is unique to this country, in fact to certain 'pockets' of this country, all situated above Watford Gap. For instance it is played in Derbyshire, but not in Nottinghamshire or Leicestershire. It is played in North Wales but not in South Wales, so one thing is for sure, we won't get beaten at this game by the likes of Italy and Uruguay and the World Champion WILL ALWAYS be British. Also, don't think old folks in silly white trousers and white shirts with cucumber sarnies.....think whippets, flat caps, and lots of banter around the green with a pint or two of a good northern bitter and you're getting the picture. Basically it's a good old northern game. 

So Saturday was an early start as we had to get to Burton as I had a game for one of my clubs that afternoon a stones throw from Dallow Lane Lock. We made it in good time and moored at Shobnall Fields. That completed we carried on as far as Findern for the night and enjoyed a lovely meal at Nadee Indian Restaurant. 

Early on Sunday, I was whisked away to a big competition I had qualified for in Derby. Good old Louise found time to wash the boat before I got back (her choice before I'm shot down) and then we welcomed friends aboard for drinks in the evening, funnily enough friends from ours bowls club. 

Monday was a very pleasant trip down to Shardlow where we lucky to have lock buddies all the way for the deep wide locks. We were joined by Luke and Annabelle for tea at The Clock Warehouse...nice food but awfully slow service, which made us (Luke and I) almost late for Mondays bowls match in Derby for my other club !! All in all a logistical masterpiece. 

I'm pleased (or Louise is) that the bowls are away for the next couple of weeks and we can settle down properly into our little trip around the Leicester Ring.

Today is Louise's birthday. 21 again plus VAT and a few hidden charges, but she enjoyed opening her cards and presents this morning and then walked down from Shardlow to Sawley (she's not a big river fan).

The lock cottage at Sawley Locks is to be opened as a Coffee Shop by the end of the year. The work they have been doing looks good.

This couple out for a picnic at Zouch looked at little nervous surrounded by cattle whilst sat in their deck chairs.

This splendid looking Piper built Dutch Barge followed us up into Loughborough. A wide beam water yes, but it still looked a bit of a squeeze.

Homemade curry followed by Strawberries and Champagne aboard tonight. Well, it is Louise's Birthday after all......


  1. Flat green for me... once played for Derby West end....Happy birthday Louise. Have a great trip out

    1. Hi Nev,
      You never know. There may be a chance to convert you to the proper game. Open invite any time.