Friday, July 11, 2014

Afternoon meeting at Mancetter.

We started the morning doing the last couple of miles down to Marston Junction before turning right onto the Coventry Canal again. Another beautiful morning greeted us, as did boat after boat after boat get the idea, and quite often at a bridge as always seems to happen. One boat we met was Marbury, a boat we used to own a share in until we decided to go it alone three years ago. A lovely boat but absolutely no regrets in our decision.

We had made arrangements over he last few days to meet up with our friends David & Sheena on nb Tombee Too around lunchtime today somewhere in the vicinity of Atherstone. They were heading towards us and we actually met out in the country near Mancetter, which couldn't have been more perfect. Having tied up, the bar was very quickly opened and we spent the next three hours sat on the towpath with deck chairs and table having a great catch up, swapping tales and putting the world to rights. The perfect afternoons 'boating' if ever there was one. Great to see you both and get 'blogging'. 
Our afternoon social.......fantastic.
Sadly we had to leave them as we need to get back home by Saturday afternoon, so reluctantly we untied and headed for Atherstone Locks about 4pm, which meant a bit of a later finish, but well worth it. Halfway down the flight Louise nipped to the nearby shops to find something for tea as I carried on single handed for a couple of locks.
Atherstone Locks
I was actually very pleased to see her when she caught up again !! We spent the night down at Grendon and just as a footnote, Jasper would like me to post this picture for all his 'fans' around the system. He's quite proud of this one. What a handsome chap - well you know what they say about dogs and owners ;-)

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