Thursday, June 27, 2013

Rain stops play and the Weaver looms.

We didn't really have a plan this morning. The forecast was for rain later in the day so it looked like being a shortish day as far as cruising was concerned. We hoped to drop down onto the River Weaver, but on arrival at the booking office, we were told that the earliest available slot was 12.50pm as it was the morning for scheduled maintainance...there's that lack of planning coming to bite us on the bum. 

That helped the decision in a way as by then rain was forecast, so we booked a slot for 10am tomorrow morning and a return trip on Saturday afternoon and then headed off towards Preston Brook. What a lovely stretch of canal this is. Very rural and good views over the Weaver valley together with stretches of over hanging trees and complete remoteness. 

As the weather closed in we winded at Acton Bridge and made our way back through Saltersford Tunnel and moored in a wide pound just beyond - a lovely peaceful and remote location. The rain continues as we speak, but the weekend looks brighter. 

We are looking forward to our passage on the lift in the morning and plan to head towards 'Devils Garden' which sounds intriguing. 

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