Sunday, June 2, 2013

No boating, but 'We Are Sailing'

Don't panic we've not gone mad and bought a yacht. This week we have had a break from the canals (almost) and last night we headed to the Capital FM Arena in Nottingham with our friends Dave & Sally to see the opening night of Rod Stewarts current tour. He is an artist none of us have ever seen live and something we have all been looking forward to for months since the dates were announced.

What a fantastic night we had. A packed arena with the crowd in a great mood and Rod banging out a mixture of well known hits, an acoustic set in the middle and some tracks from his latest number 1 album 'Time'. It's hard to believe that he is 68. Probably the most poignant moment of the concert was when he dedicated 'Rhythm of my Heart' to all of our fallen war veterans and it finished with pictures of Lee Rigby on the huge screens, prompting a standing ovation (and a few tears). He is fantastically supported by some wonderful musicians, the pick of which have to be J'anna Jacoby on violin and percussion and Katja Rieckermann on saxophone (purely for their musical talents of course !!)

We took a few pictures and videos, but none as good a quality as this. Not one of his best known tracks, played as part of the acoustic set.

If you get the chance to go to any of the remaining dates we can highly recommend the show.

So, I did say we almost had a canal free weekend. This morning we took our usual stroll down to Stenson Lock Coffee Shop for breakfast. Plenty of activity on the water and this boat certainly caught our eye and our ears with a wonderful sounding engine.

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