Saturday, June 22, 2013

Let's hope failing to plan doesn't mean we are planning to fail.

Well who in their right minds would go away on holiday during the fortnight which also includes Wimbledon and Glastonbury, two of our well known institutions linked to bad weather.'ve guessed it. 

Blue Moon was blacked last week at Bromley Wharf and they did a cracking job and also fixed a vibration on the stern gear caused by a dodgy bearing. I managed to drop by and have a look at the hull whilst in dry dock and all seems very well below the water line. 

We have decided to head north on this trip and plan to visit the Anderton Boat Lift and maybe drop down onto the River Weaver or head up to Preston Brook, before we head back down via the Shroppie. We have an arranged meeting at Audlem early next week, but other than that it is a case of see where we get to.  

We left Kings Bromley this morning after taking on some diesel, but we intend to fill to the brim at either Norbury or Turners Garage next week. As we travelled towards Rugeley, we encountered a large fishing match. We were in a line of four boats travelling closely together and there were similar travelling towards us and the anglers were somewhat pi**ed off to say the least, but we made an effort to smile at each of them as we passed but most struggled to return the gesture. 

We got a call from home around lunchtime to let us know the British & Irish Lions had managed to scrape a victory down under in the first test. So not only was this trip poorly planned with the weather, we will also struggle to see all three test matches....who actually 'planned' this ??

We did manage to raise a glass to the Lions though. Louise managed to make sure we could toast their success with this box of wine. 
and very nice it was too...hic                  
As we approached Shugborough we came across a boat who was offering axe and chainsaw sharpening.  We needed some shears sharpening so pulled up and got them done for £2.50. The chap did a great job of sharpening and oiling them....just like new.

We continued to dodge the showers but were caught in a couple of deluges this afternoon before we moored up at Weston just before Bridge 81. The forecast looks a bit more promising into next week, but tomorrow looks like a right stinker !!


  1. Have a great trip.... I have ordered some decent weather for you both,

    Nev NB Percy

    1. Thanks Nev. Your order arrived yesterday. We are up at The Anderton Boat Lift. Just hope the weather stays with us a bit longer, although the forecast doesn't look too good.