Friday, May 3, 2013

Joining the mad rush.

Well the Bank Holiday weekend has finally arrived after a frantic week at work. We have both spent the week passing by the canals in various locations, envious of those enjoying this spell of half decent weather. Louise had today off work to gather supplies and having finished work myself at 4pm, we were in the car and away by 4.45pm. Travelling the half hour to Kings Bromley, we couldn't help but notice the amount of 'shed draggers' (you may know them as caravaners) on the road. No doubt there will be just as many folks heading for their boats too in the rush to get out for a few days.

We quickly loaded up Blue Moon and filled with water. On leaving the marina one of our neighbours thought we were mad heading out on a Bank Holiday. Yes,it will probably be very busy, but it sure beats sitting in a marina. We moored for the night where we stayed last weekend near to bridge 56. Tomorrow we will head off towards Great Haywood and just see where we end up.

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