Sunday, May 12, 2013

Another week ticked off the list

Blimey, where does the time go ? We didn't get chance to post at the end of the Bank Holiday trip and have been rushing about and working all week. There just aren't enough hours in the day. 

We had a pleasant trip back to the marina last Monday in some glorious weather. We are glad we didn't plan to be out this weekend as we are back to the wet and windy theme again. We seemed to have the same idea as most of the boats moored around us and set off quite early to beat the expected congestion at Colwich Lock, but after a slow run down we were straight through and our locking for the day was done. 

We passed a couple of interesting boats soon afterwards. The first is instantly recognizeable to many I'm sure and the subject of much interest and debate on forums. 'Whitefield' is certainly bespoke and you either love it or hate it. 
Soon after we met Nb Percy travelling towards us. Owned by Nev and Rachel, we had hoped to finally meet up for a proper chat, but unfortunately we met at a really inconvenient spot and had to exchange brief 'hellos' as we passed. They were heading towards Norbury to have Percy blacked. 
Nev with Percy. 
We moored up for breakfast opposite a smallholding with lots of piglets. Louise felt a bit guilty putting the pan on for a good old cooked breakfast, but needs must !! I wonder whether they realised what the smell was wafting across the cut ? We enjoyed a couple of hours sat in deck chairs on the towpath watching the world go by before we headed off back to Kings Bromley in the sunshine. A steady flow of boats and nearly everyone smiling and cheery in the good weather...there's always the odd grumpy one. 

So no actual boating for us this weekend, but then again the weather has been pretty miserable. This morning we did manage an early morning dog walk down to Stenson Lock Coffee Shop for breakfast before the forecast rain. A lovely spot to sit and gongoozle and nice to see it has had a makeover, having been reprinted and a new cover outside. It really does look smart.
New look Stenson Lock Coffee Shop
On another note, I have been following a thread this week on CWDF regarding a stolen narrowboat from Kegworth. 'Samshiba' was taken from a secure mooring at East Midland Boat Services on the River Soar overnight on 6/7 May and hadn't been sighted since. Today it has been found on the Fossdyke Navigation, with windows removed and an obvious attempt to hide its identity by removing  the name. You have to feel so sorry for the owners who had recently had her repainted and clearly spent some hard earned cash on their pride and joy. I can't imagine how I would feel if that was Blue Moon. It serves as a reminder that although this type of crime is relatively rare on the waterways, it could happen to any of us. 

A minor milestone passed this week as John now has less than 100 weeks until retirement. How sad that he could tell you how many sleeps he has left. We have sorted the first retirement task though and booked Blue Moon in for a repaint and exciting !! More on that another time.


  1. Hello Both,
    I couldn't help laughing about the bacon. We recently moored up alongside a field of dearest darling little lambkins all skipping in the sunshine, Then we promptly tucked into braised lamb-shanks. Delish.
    I think we may be doing the Thames Ring in the summer... golf permitting that is.
    Happy cruising.
    Lisa & David
    What a Lark

  2. The Thames Ring sounds good. Shame that you won't be heading north for a catch up. We will be about on the Thames 16-19 August at Henley for an 80's music festival so if you are around there then let us permitting ;-)