Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A little piece of history.

Many years ago I used to play on the site of the disused Derby Canal which now forms part of the A52 between Derby and Nottingham, known locally as Brian Clough Way. I don't go back far enough to recall boat traffic on the canal, but I do have an interest in the history and the route and, along with many others, hope that one day it can be restored in some way shape or form.

Sorting through items at my Mums the other day I came across some old school books she had put away for safe keeping in an old chest. She kept absolutely everything, but on looking through some of the books, I came across this entry which I wrote aged 9. I've never been any good at artistic things, but I am quite proud of the picture of the 'Chaddesden Queen'.

A bit of a history lesson !!


  1. A well written piece, very factual ... Not bad at all for a nine year old. I was only thinking yesterday what was my earliest recollection of the canals.... Fishing with my dad and a boat full of young ladies in various staes of modest undress caught my eye ! Shame I have not seen the like since

    Hope the clearing prces is giving some good memories,


  2. I spent a lot of time fishing on the canal Nev anywhere between Swarkestone and Willington and still do as when I get chance. I reckon that is where the interest originates from. Unfortunately it must have been at the wrong time of day as I don't recall the young ladies !!! The clearing process is bringing back lots of memories, but we are finding it hard work as Mum kept EVERYTHING. I'm sure she's looking down on us and having a right good chuckle.