Saturday, July 7, 2012

There may be trouble ahead...

We had planned to move on Friday having had a lovely rest day on Thursday, but the weather forecast was for prolonged heavy rain. When we woke and took a peek out of the porthole, it didn't take long to persuade us to turn over and go back to sleep. Even the dogs weren't interested in going out !! 
We were joined for a liquid lunch by another of Johns long time work friends, who lived quite closeby and happened to be on a rest day. The rain kept coming through the afternoon and the reports on the local and national news showed quite disturbing scenes. Needless to say we kept the bar takings of The Navigation ticking over quite nicely !!
Departing from Bugsworth Basin
This morning we left Bugsworth about 8am. As we departed, we bumped into 'Dave' cycling back from Tesco with his paper. We wished him well, but he told us of a stoppage on the Macc above Bosley Locks due to a fallen tree. A quick check of Waterscape confirmed this. We hope to go down Bosley on Sunday, so hope the contractors can remove it expeditiously. The weather today was such a contrast with some bright sunshine. As we headed south from High Lane we were passed by nb What a Lark. It was nice to hear from one of the lady crew that she read our blog - Thank you and sorry we couldn't stop for a chat, but we appreciate it as we are quite new to this blogging game.
We decided to stop early at Four Lane Ends near bridge 18. There certainly aren't many boats going north which suggests the route may still be closed. I even posted on the CWDF hoping for an update, but as yet we have no updates.

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  1. HI John and Louise,
    I shall try again to say a written Hello after passing you twice now, my name is Lisa and I am the Dogsbody on NB What a Lark, David is the Commander, we have somewhat followed in your wake up the Macclesfield and Peak forrest and now we are headed back towards our Marina.
    Isn't this winter cruising fun? Although sunny this pm we did get rained on today north of the Harecastle.... I reckon that makes everyday, David says no.
    Good luck on your travels, we will pass your front door at Kings Bromley so I will look for you there,
    Keep Blogging