Sunday, July 22, 2012

Quick fix in the sun.

Well, after a week back in reality, we needed a boating fix. The sun was shining and John's mum felt up to a day out, so off to the boat it was to be.

We had a run from Kings Bromley up to beyond Rugeley. Plenty of boats moving which I suppose is to be expected on the first week of the summer holidays and the long awaited good spell of weather. How great to feel the sun on your back at last. Having passed through Plum Pudding we negotiated a fishing match, but the sun hadn't made these chaps happy. Only one of the line managed a smile and bit of a joke. It's quite amusing as I have been an angler most of my life and still do a fair bit whenever I can, but if it made me look that miserable whilst I was sat there I don't think I'd bother. Louise likes to play a game of getting them to say hello, and often greets the really miserable ones with a very cheery 'hello' and asks them if they have caught much, whilst I try and keep a straight face. Having winded, we moored up for lunch at the aqueduct over the River Trent which still had a good flow on it.

The return journey was just as pleasant and Louise even had a good spell on the tiller which was very welcomed. It was nice to sit in the front deck and watch the world pass by with a cold beer. All too soon we were arriving back at Kings Bromley, but passed this interesting steam powered narrowboat near to Handsacre - I bet it was hot stoking the fire today.

Oh well, back to work tomorrow for some of us - enjoy the weather if you are lucky enough to be out on the water.

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  1. Hello sailors,
    I am so glad you got some boaty sunshine on your recent trip even if it was for a day.
    I am pretty sure we saw the same steam narrowboat, did you get the name?
    We have been home for almost a week, David thought we would be out again at the end of this week, he was amazed when I said that I was staying home to watch The Olympics, when does it finish he asked, early October says I.
    Please tell John that his few words of encouragement have helped me with my driving, I have almost stopped screaming completely now and have even gone through a bridge, so its just bends, locks and parking left. Tell him I want to have a bash at that high speed motorway fun he has....
    Here is my email so you can inbox me;
    We totally LOVED the Leicester Arm, we think it is almost the nicest canal we saw in five weeks, I told David we don't need to go anywhere else now!!!
    Lisa x