Thursday, October 9, 2014

And Finally..........

This seems a good point to wrap up our blog for 'Blue Moon' and start afresh with a new blog for our new boat. We have had a very enjoyable year of boating and the decision to swap boats was not foreseen at all. But, we have to say, we are absolutely delighted with what we have done and look forward to getting out and about even more next year. 

The countdown to retirement continues and six months from today I will be able to say goodbye for the last time after 30 years service. Not wanting to wish my life away at all, but as each door closes another one opens I guess.

Checking the internet this afternoon, Blue Moon is now officially 'sold', so I suppose that also helps with the decision to close down this particular blog. I understand that the new owners are from the West Midlands and so we hope that we will cross paths at some point in the future.

As for us, we'll just keep ploddin' along. Thanks to all of you that have visited us in blogland. Our new blog will be available soon at 


  1. Good luck with your new boat, looking forward to seeing photos of it on the new blog. Retirement really IS everything it's cracked up to be X

  2. Thanks Yvonne. We couldn't be happier with the boat so far. It just feels a bit bare at the minute without any sign writing. The 'sign writing' on the pictures were vinyl stickers and they've gone now.
    Really enjoyed following your adventures across The Wash etc this summer. We were going to do it next May with some others but, for one reason or another, which I won't bore you with, we are now going to be heading for The Thames and London instead and start making the most of this retirement lark.
    Hope to catch up with you some time.