Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Toothache, friends and back through Harecastle.

The first job for Monday was to try and get Louise an emergency dental appointment. The telephone lines opened at 9am and she managed to get a slot at 2pm in Macclesfield - marvellous. 

We made the short trip back to Gurnett Aqueduct and moored up around midday. Taxi booked for 1.40pm (some 90 minutes later) for the 3 mile trip - planning. Off she trots down the steps to the Old Kings Head at 1.30pm in plenty of time for the pick up and at 1.55pm she's still stood there waiting !! Simply incompetent. Heavy traffic is to blame Macclesfield ??

Anyway the dentist was very good and sent her away with some strong antibiotics. We decided to stay put for the night and Jasper and I decided to go for a looooooong walk as the tablets took a bit of time to start working and we were best out of the way. I'm pleased to say (yes, I really am) she's now back on form, pain free and talking again. 
Leaving Macclesfield on a beautiful morning
Tuesday was a fabulous day. We headed back to Bosley Locks and were pleased to see the top lock being opened for us as we approached.
Bosley Top Lock
The first six or seven locks were all in our favour. Plenty of folks about and boats coming up the flight helped. The bottom half was a bit slower as we had to turn locks as there was a boat some distance ahead, but on this flight that really isn't a problem as you take in the scenery. 
Jasper taking it easy towards Scholar Green
We knew that our friends David & Sarah on nb The Hodma'dod were at Scholar Green and we managed to get in next to them before welcoming them aboard for drinks. Jasper was delighted as he entertained their two Border Terriers Tansie & Teasle. 
Sarah with Teasle & Tansie (and a large wine)
Later we went to the nearby Rising Sun for dinner. Good job that David had booked as it was packed. Excellent meal had by all and I can certainly recommend the 'trio of pork' - absolutely delicious. 

Today we headed off about 9am after saying goodbye to David & Sarah. As we headed over the Red Bull aqueduct, four walkers smiled and said hello. I recognised one of them (or I thought I did) as a chap who I used to work with over 20 years ago. I called over to him and he confirmed it was indeed who I thought it was (phew) - another example of this small world we live in. 

Back onto the T&M and first boat in the 'queue' for Harecastle Tunnel. Estimate was an hour before we could be let in, so time to have a wander round and take a few pics. 
Waiting in the orange water

Once out at the other end, everything was going well until we collected a piece of soft furniture, pillow, cushion or similar on the prop, so a trip down the weed hatch followed. Once cleared it was on to Etruria and the Stoke Locks. Very quiet today and we didn't see another boat until we exited the bottom lock. 
Etruscan Bone & Flint Mill dated 1857
Bottle Kilns in amongst new housing
We are now at Barlaston for the night. Some decent fishing and a very boring England performance against Norway have filled the evening. 

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