Sunday, August 10, 2014

The rather sudden end of an era.

Well we certainly never envisaged that our last trip on Blue Moon would infact be our final one, but you never quite know what's hiding around the corner.

The last three and a half years have been wonderful. Our first 'owned' boat that has really done us proud and as we have eluded to in previous posts, we planned to have her repainted next year and we were also going to replace the windows and therefore spend quite a bit of money on her to coincide with my retirement. 

However, out of the blue last weekend, we went and looked at another boat which was for sale close to home and to cut a long story short, the chance was too good to miss. We proposed a deal, a little tongue in cheek to the brokers, which surprisingly interested both them and the vendors and the deal is now done.

So this weekend has been hectic to say the least. Blue Moon moved from Kings Bromley to Mercia Marina yesterday and today we have spent the entire day transferring everything across to our new boat. We just didn't foresee how long that would take and how much 'stuff' we have accumulated over the last three and a half years. We haven't even had time for any photos !!

Blue Moon will soon be on brokerage and will make someone a cracking boat. Our new boat is also an Aqualine, but this time a reverse layout with a semi-trad stern and less than two years old. We know she will give us many happy hours of cruising.

So next weekend we will make the return journey at a much more leisurely pace and take 'Fiona A' back to Kings Bromley and look forward to setting off for the Macclesfield and Peak Forest the weekend after. It was obviously meant to be.

Fiona be re-named


  1. Blimey .... Well done, do you do the same at home when the wallpapering is due ;-) great news, looking forward to a viewing

  2. Wallpapering normally takes us a bit longer Nev !!!
    We couldn't see you aboard yesterday as we passed through, but we'll be back through next Sunday and you'll be welcome to a viewing.

  3. Was down south this weekend. back on today for 10 days so may well be about next Sunday.