Saturday, January 4, 2014

Remembering loved ones and a bit of an assault course

It is difficult to believe that it is a year ago tomorrow that we lost John's Mum. The year has flown by with all that comes with losing a loved one and sorting out all the legal things that come with it too. 

Happier times on The Grand Union in 2010
Today we have visited the place where her ashes are scattered together with those of John's Dad at Millers Dale in the beautiful Derbyshire Peak District. They used to travel here by steam train when they were courting years ago and the place was special to them. Today the old train line forms a lovely walk through the hills.

We were lucky with the weather, especially with what we have been seeing on the news. We had a quiet reflective walk to the bridge over the River Wye which marks 'the spot' and then, after a few tears, we continued along the trail to enjoy the views. There are several tunnels along the route and it felt strange walking through instead of boating through. 

Chee Tor Tunnel
The other end
When we arrived at Blackwell Cottages, we decided to follow the river course back along Chee Dale. Jasper had the time of his life as he waded through thick mud, paddled in the river and sniffed out all sorts of imaginary animals. We saw several 'Dippers' - river birds which seemed to behave very much like kingfishers but are far less attractive, but a first for us. 
Blackwell Cottages
Chee Dale and the River Wye from the trail
As we got further along the path, the going got tough in places due to the mud and rocks and on a couple of occasions we lost the path all together and had to use the stepping stones under the over hanging rocks which was an interesting experience. It felt more like an assault course than a quiet walk, but it was good fun.
Stepping Stones were the only route..great fun
Who's that trip trapping over my bridge ??
Chee Dale
We had a lovely time. Sad that we were remembering loved ones but a comfort knowing that they are resting in such a lovely part of the world.


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