Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Leicester and a Chance meeting

We were up and about early on Monday morning for our eagerly awaited trip through Leicester. Over the years we have heard all sorts of stories about this particular stretch....none of them particularly good and so we were delighted to be doing the journey with David and Sheena on nb Tombee Too.

After we both shuffled across onto the services at Kilby Bridge, we set off soon after 7.30am and enjoyed the run down through South Wigston and towards Aylestone. The countryside was pleasant and everyone we saw was cheerful. There weren't many boats moving at all and the majority of the locks were pretty much in our favour.
BM and Tombee Too at Kings Lock
We were surprised to find two volunteer lock keepers at Aylestone Mill Lock, but they were very busy as they locked five boats through in the space of twenty minutes.

Boooo hisssss..The King Power Stadium. Home of the enemy.
On into the city.....
The Mile Straight
and out the other side.....

Belgrave Lock and Space Centre
The northern side of the city was probably the 'worst' around Abbey Park, with a number of lager drinking folk occupying benches by the lock at Limekiln Lock, not that they were bothered with us. Surprisingly, we spotted four kingfishers between here and Belgrave Lock. 

Overall, the run from Kilby Bridge was most enjoyable, undoubtedly helped by travelling with David and Sheena and we certainly wouldn't have second thoughts about doing it again. 

We arrived at our intended destination at Watermead Park mid afternoon where we had arranged to meet James and Doug from Nb 'Chance'. They are at MGM boats at Thurmaston administering some TLC to their boat. We moored opposite and Doug was soon over to say hello and invited on board for drinks, soon to be followed by James taking a well earned rest from rubbing down the paintwork. We chatted for a while and Louise introduced James to 'Cheeky Vimto' a concoction of port and blue WKD. We arranged to meet later for drinks and a meal. 

We were welcomed aboard their lovely boat later before heading off out for a meal. Our first choice didn't do food on a Monday, so off we went to Paprika a huge Indian restaurant nearby. We had a lovely meal and a great time despite seeming to be the only ones eating. Not only was the restaurant huge, but the portions were so overwhelming that none of us got close to finishing. We ended a terrific night with coffee on board BM.
James, Doug, Louise & John. 
We had a thoroughly enjoyable time guys....it was great to finally meet up and we really hope we have the opportunity to do it again very soon. 


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  2. Thanks for a great evening John and Louise, Enjoy the rest of your trip and we look forward to meeting up again soon. Best Wishes Doug and James xx