Friday, March 29, 2013

It's green for go.

At last we are out and about in 2013. The winter break has finally come to an least time wise. The weather looks to be set reasonably fair for the next week or so, and with the snow finally disappearing, we are looking forward to our first trip of the year.
In view of the recent weather, we have no schedule for this trip. We didn't know whether the rivers would be at an acceptable level, so had a couple of ideas in mind. On the way down to the boat this morning, we called at Alrewas to check on the water level and were pleased to see the boards well in the green...decision made. We would head towards home (Derby) and see where we end up. 

River level at Alrewas

We left the marina around midday and headed for Fradley. It was pretty quiet for a Bank Holiday. The Swan was a tempting proposition for a brief stop, but we continued through the locks towards Alrewas. The clouds appeared this afternoon and the temperature dropped in the cold wind with the odd brief snow shower and so we decided that Alrewas was far enough for one day.

A pleasant walk in the village with the dogs and a lovely homemade curry for tea with the stove roaring and a bottle of wine. 

How we have missed the boating way of life.

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  1. Glad you are under way. We too will be aboard in a week, i hope it warms up a bit. I will follow your progress and look forward to seeing you somewhere.
    Lisa & David
    NB What a Lark