Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Too good a chance to miss

Last Sunday was beautiful and the lure of the boat certainly won the day. The lack of boating activity is taking its toll, and so we decided to head down to Kings Bromley for a little 'therapy'. By the time we arrived about 9.30am, the heavy frost had almost disappeared and beautiful blue skies were overhead.

We did a bit of pottering about and chatted with our neighbours for a while before we decided to head off to the pub for a 'liquid lunch'. The short trip up to Handsacre and 'The Old Peculiar' was just lovely. We passed one other moving boat and the trees in their autumnal colours and the sunshine were just magnificent. We would have quite happily swapped today for many of our 'summer' days in the rain.

The trip back was just as pleasant (if not too short) and Louise decided to walk off her 'lunch' and take a few snaps. 

Beautiful Autumn Day

Unfortunately we also discovered a possible problem with the heating in that our Webasto heater seems to want to cut out after working for a length of time. Hopefully it will just need a service, but unsure as to whether it's a job I want to tackle myself or not - I feel a bit of research coming on !!

On the theme of heating and after talking to a friend over a pint the other night, he gave me a bag of wood briquettes to try in the multi fuel stove. He has used them to good effect in his much larger stove at home as is well impressed. He says they burn for a long time and give off good heat. They appear to be compressed sawdust and could be an alternative to smokeless fuel. Has anyone any previous experience of these - good or bad ?? Maybe some trials over the next few weeks will be in order.


  1. For Webasto info try Ed Shiers at

  2. Thanks for that - given him a call and found him very helpful.