Sunday, September 30, 2012

A bit of gongoozling and a touch of curiosity

Three weeks have passed since our last post and we have been back on the hamster wheel of work, sleep, work, sleep and thoroughly missing the boating life. Last weekend we ventured down to Kings Bromley to take some bits and bobs back to the boat and we sauntered out onto the cut, mooring up in one of our favourite little spots near to bridge 56 for a couple of hours, before returning in the rain mid afternoon. 

This weekend we have resisted the temptation to head for the marina - no reason other than we have some things to do at home. This morning we decided that we needed some boating connection, so we headed down to Mercia Marina and then enjoyed a walk with Jasper down to the coffee shop at Stenson Lock where we enjoyed a hearty breakfast cob and a coffee whilst taking on the role of gongoozlers.
Stenson Lock
On arriving back at Mercia, we took the decision to look around a boat offered for sale by New & Used Boat Co. Having had Blue Moon now for 18 months or so, we are absolutely delighted with what we have. We bought her for the two of us, but occasionally wish we had a dinette area. Louise has always fancied a cross bathroom too, but that is a matter of choice I guess. The saying goes that you never get things entirely how you want them until your third boat, but apart from little things, we wouldn't actually change much at all.

Having viewed the boat in question, another Aqualine which is 2 years younger than ours, our curiosity was short lived. Thanks, but no thanks was the quick answer. We certainly wouldn't consider making the change and it made us realise what a well looked after boat we have. 

Quite a few bloggers are now making plans for winter and tonight we have paid our final mooring installment of the year. It will soon be 2013 and a new cruising season - it can't come soon enough.

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