Friday, August 24, 2012

Always have a Plan 'B'

Well that's work finished until 10th September for both of us. We are off to the boat this evening and do our shopping in Lichfield before setting off tomorrow morning. The weather forecast looks a right mixed bag for the Bank Holiday weekend with heavy showers tomorrow, a reasonable day on Sunday and then rain, rain and more rain on Monday. A slight change of plan for us in that we are going to head off in an anti clockwise direction around the Leicester Ring and once we get to Market Harborough, decide whether to continue or re-trace our steps, depending on the weather, river levels on the Soar etc. We've also still got plans to meet up with friends and have guests with us for a few days, so we can't wait to get going on what will be our last major trip of the season - let's see some sunshine... please !!!


  1. Hello,
    We have just arrived home again after two weeks on the boat. We plan to go back on about the Friday 7th.
    Do let us know when you are near our stamping ground not sure of our plans at the moment, but would love to have tea, scones and jam with you if possible.
    What a Lark

  2. Hi Lisa

    We should be at Foxton Locks by this Thursday afternoon (30th) and will probably go down into Market Harborough. Unfortunately, we have to be back home by 8th September, so tea and scones will have to wait until another time. Keep in touch and let us know when you are back 'up north' and we'll arrange to meet up.

  3. In Market H last week and went to Veneto's, google it, super good. Ys see you next time.